Thus Heer Spoke

Kinnarid College for Women is the best educational center for the females in Pakistan. The college has fabulous history of more than a century. For the first time in over a 100 years, Najmuddin Dramatics Society presents a theatrical performance staged in our دلیر language, Punjabi, “THUS HEER SPOKE”. In the Journey of ten decades Najmuddin Dramatics society produced most distinctive names of Pakistani TV … Continue reading Thus Heer Spoke

Career Development Program (CDP)

WOULD YOU LIKE TO: – Work with Top Organizations? – Learn how to give the Perfect Interview? – Acquire the skills Multi-nationals expect you to have? – Become a Star Performer by learning tricks of the trade from successful professionals? Career Development Program (CDP)by KickStart is the answer to all your questions! This one or two day training workshop guarantees to give your career a KickStart … Continue reading Career Development Program (CDP)


BDS Point  is a group on Facebook which has been successfully working for the dental community since the past 4 years. It consists of 5000+ members belonging to the dental profession. Active discussions take place between the students. The group provides the students with the past university question papers and send up papers, something not as readily available in markets as those for M.B.B.S. It … Continue reading DentFest’17

6th Inspyre Learning Expo

The Institute for Advancing Careers and Talents (iACT) is a not-for-profit career development center that offers training to underprivileged youth from marginalized areas of Karachi for better career prospects. Established in 2008, in Saudabad, Malir , it is a public-private partnership initiative between Habib University Foundation and local government of Karachi. IACT offers free of cost, as well as scholarship based courses and training’s and also guarantees 100% job … Continue reading 6th Inspyre Learning Expo

2ND Intercollegiate VideoFest’17

Fatima Jinnah Medical college Lahore is organizing an exciting event where competitive young blood of Pakistan will show their skills. FJMU Dramatic society proudly presents: “2nd INTERCOLLEGIATE VIDEOFEST’17” where we continue the tradition of showcasing a diverse sampling of newest films established by next generation of groundbreaking filmmakers. Our Videofest consists of two main rounds: 1. PRELIMINARY ROUND 2. FINAL ROUND Results of preliminary round will be … Continue reading 2ND Intercollegiate VideoFest’17

60 Second Intl. Film Festival Islamabad Chapter

60 Second Intl. Film Festival (60SIFF) – Dil Say Pakistan brings to you the fifth round of film screening in Islamabad. Every year, we endeavor to bring an event bigger, enriching and aesthetically inspiring than the previous ones – in an attempt to revolutionize the public spaces through the invigorating yet impactful platform of storytelling. Experience the ‘colours of the country’ through the lens of filmmakers from … Continue reading 60 Second Intl. Film Festival Islamabad Chapter

18th All Pakistan Declamation Competition and Punjabi Takra 2017

King Edward Medical University  is the first and best medical college in Pakistan. Likewise in the past again they are coming back with another exciting event –18th All Pakistan Declamation competition and Punjabi Takra– RULES FOR DECLAMATION ● There will be 2 rounds: Preliminary Round (17th April) and Final Round (18th April) ● Each participating institution is to be represented by a team comprising two … Continue reading 18th All Pakistan Declamation Competition and Punjabi Takra 2017

BOL 17

Literary club of of UET, Faisalabad campus is organizing an event “BOL 17” where youth of Pakistan will show their talent and receive appreciation. Under the platform of BOL 17 youngsters will compete in ten(10) different events.  Categories of Competition 1-Bait Baazi (poetry competition) 2-Calligraphy 3-Urdu Story: “آہٹ” 4-Urdu Nazam: “دختر” 5-Urdu Speech (Serious): “میں وارث ہوں جناح کا” 6-Urdu speech (Humorous): “یہ کہانی پھر سہی” 7-Urdu … Continue reading BOL 17

SHAPE and WON jointly celebrating World Health Day

World Health Organization has announced 7th April 2017 globally to be celebrated as World Health Day and the theme for this year is Depression. Depression affects people of all ages, from all walks of life, in all countries. It causes mental anguish and impacts on people’s ability to carry out even the simplest everyday tasks, with sometimes devastating consequences for relationships with family and friends … Continue reading SHAPE and WON jointly celebrating World Health Day

Sacred Heart Convent Debate’17

Sacred Heart Convent School  is holding its promise of bringing you the biggest and the best event this year as SHCS is all geared up to set the stage for it’s –Sacred Heart Convent Debate’17-. Firing up your imagination, we assure you to have an experience of a lifetime; a blend of debate, social interaction, opulence and much more that’s yet to be revealed! So, … Continue reading Sacred Heart Convent Debate’17