BDS Point  is a group on Facebook which has been successfully working for the dental community since the past 4 years. It consists of 5000+ members belonging to the dental profession. Active discussions take place between the students. The group provides the students with the past university question papers and send up papers, something not as readily available in markets as those for M.B.B.S. It has been giving guideline to numerous students over its course of duration. It aims to provide post-graduation guideline and material as well in the future years Insha’Allah.17888754_1479791862052961_34436757_n

Team BDS Point proudly presents DentFest 2017, an event that caters BDS community throughout Punjab. It involves students and graduates from 13 dental colleges affiliated with University of Health and Sciences. Event provides an opportunity for people from the dental community profession to come close to each other and helps create harmony between different colleges. It is under this one roof that the dentists and students can interact together. The event comprises of enjoyment as well as informative sessions for the guidance of students and fresh graduates. Known speakers and personalities are expected to be attending this event. Expected speakers include ‘Dr. Aqib Mudassar (DDS)‘ giving a lecture on future of Dentistry in Pakistan and ,Dr. Ejaz Waris, giving a motivational speech.17910817_1479791785386302_1611415959_n

For further details: DentFest’17 (Event Page)

Shared by:Shoaib Rasheed

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