18th All Pakistan Declamation Competition and Punjabi Takra 2017

King Edward Medical University  is the first and best medical college in Pakistan. Likewise in the past again they are coming back with another exciting event

18th All Pakistan Declamation competition and Punjabi Takra



● There will be 2 rounds: Preliminary Round (17th April) and Final Round (18th April)
● Each participating institution is to be represented by a team comprising two speakers, one to speak in Urdu and the other in English. One of the speakers is to speak on a serious topic and the other on a humorous one. Punjabi speaker is not mandatory for Team Trophy. There will be separate prizes for Punjabi Speakers. In Punjabi Taakra you can speak either serious or humorous.
● A speaker will speak for a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 minutes in the Initial round and the time limit for Final round is 4-6 Minutes
● Marks will be deducted for failing to observe the stipulated time limit.
● A speaker making offensive remarks about any important personage or passing controversial religious, political or sectarian remarks shall be immediately disqualified. Using words/ sentences with any indecent connotation and passing derogatory remarks against the chair will lead to instant disqualification of the speaker. In such an event, the speaker may be asked to step down from the podium during the speech.
● The speakers will be judged on the content of their speeches, their proficiency of the respective language, delivery of the speech and the response of the audience.
● Paper reading is not allowed. Those who do so will be disqualified.
● The Top Four teams in the initial round and 3 individual speakers both in English and Urdu Category will qualify for the Final round.
● The team that gains the maximum aggregate points summing up English and Urdu categories will get the team trophy. Three best speakers, from both English and Urdu, will also be awarded prizes. Results for Punjabi Taakra will be declared separately, the Best and 2nd Best speakers of Punjabi will be awarded with prize. U-19 best speaker both in Urdu and English will be awarded with prize.
● The decision of the judges will be final
● Teams can bring with them 3 supporters for the event
● Teams are requested to bring a nomination letter from their respective institution for their representation.
● Accommodation will be provided by KEDS

17th April 2017: (Preliminary Round)

● Reporting Time & Registrations: 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM
● Opening Ceremony: 9:30 AM to 10 AM
● Preliminary Round starts: 10 AM
● Refreshments and Namaz Break: 1 PM to 1:30 PM
● Preliminary Round resumes: 1:30 PM to 3 PM
● Results of Preliminary Round announced: 3:15 PM
● SOCIAL EVENT: 7 PM to 10:30 PM

18th April 2017 (Final Round and Punjabi Takra)

● Reporting time: 9 AM
● Welcome note: 9:30 AM
● Vice Chancellor’s Speech: 10 AM
● Final Round and Punjabi Takra Begins: 10:30 AM
● Results Announced: 1:30 PM
● Award Ceremony: 2 PM
● Refreshments: 2:30 PM

Event host: King Edward Medical University &King Edward Debating society

For more details visit: Event Page

Shared by:Shoaib Rasheed

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