BOL 17

Literary club of of UET, Faisalabad campus is organizing an event “BOL 17” where youth of Pakistan will show their talent and receive appreciation. Under the platform of BOL 17 youngsters will compete in ten(10) different events.17353336_1287973851286138_5960361009521089701_n 

Categories of Competition
1-Bait Baazi (poetry competition)
3-Urdu Story: “آہٹ”
4-Urdu Nazam: “دختر”
5-Urdu Speech (Serious):
“میں وارث ہوں جناح کا”
6-Urdu speech (Humorous):
“یہ کہانی پھر سہی”
7-Urdu Ghazal: :طرح مصرع
”راکھ کس نے تری سونے کی سی رنگت کر دی”
قافیہ: رنگت، سنگت، قسمت وغیرہ
ردیف: کر دی
8-English Speech (Serious):
“Freedom of speech gone too far”
9-English Speech (Humorous):
“Unhappily ever after”
10-English Story:
“For a Rupee”

Event host: Literary club of of UET, Faisalabad14021602_1083721281711397_52462516998400532_n

For further details: BOL 17

Shared by:Shoaib Rasheed

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