5 ways to get freedom from the fear


We are going to discuss five ways which can make you a fearless person, in other words, these habits can make you a successful person. There is no doubt that life is very tough and you need to stay very strong throughout your life so you can win every venture of your life.Fear management in modern times is a challenge.leaving-your-fears-insecurities-behind

  1. Sharing:

    The first step to getting rid of fear is to share your stuff with others.  Imagine a person who is not interested in sharing his money and other stuff. He will be under the fear of losing everything he had. Therefore he cannot spend a single night with peace. Such kind of people are over possessive and they are so mean when it comes to helping others. They are afraid that someone will snatch his/her success and then he will suffer. But if you believe in sharing your stuff you will be happier. You have a great social understanding and a positive impact on others. Therefore it’s not possible that you can become a successful person if you haven’t a great heart to share your things with others and in the result, you always underestimate others and yourself as well.


  1. Don’t be beneficiary:

    Being beneficiary or dependent has always  been a safer zone. That’s why no can become a legend or strong enough to fight against the fear. In this situation, you have no responsibility to deal with. When you were a kid at that time your parents were doing everything. They were always there to make you happy and to make you every wish true. But when crossed 20’s you need to independent at least you can try. If you’re self-made person then you have no fear of loss or failure. You will move forward as much as you want. Then a stage will come in your life when you will be unbeatable. Remember that there is no place in the line of success for you if you’re scared person. If you really looking for success then go ahead and apply this option to make better your life.


  1. Think about limited time you have:

    Life is limited and no one can guarantee you that you will be alive tomorrow. Everything in this world is temporary. In this regard most Important and costly thing is time. You cannot waste a single minute or a second. On the other side, Steve jobs philosophy to overcome your fear is just perfect and it really works. As he said that I always imagined that, if today is the last day of my life then, what is the most important thing I really want to do first. This philosophy of life can be very productive to get rid of fear. And once you get free from fear you can do anything and you can achieve every target. After that day your, every dream will become reality and you can shine like a star. You will be really unstoppable and achievable. That is the success which everyone wants. Therefore go ahead and try this formula to become a useful and productive personality.


  1. Get out of your comfort zone:

    People don’t like to come out of the comfort zone. But actually, the problem is there is no comfort zone in this world because time is passing rapidly. There is one thing if you had spent a life within your comfort zone you will regret it at the final stage of your life. But at that time you will not be able to change anything and you will die with a wish which didn’t come true. In simple words, there is no choice for you to be scared. If you did then don’t expect anything good or big in your life. Let’s jump out of your comfort zone and try something hard without fear of failure or anything else. And move towards your success you could be achievable by this step.


  1. Make yourself answerable for every act:

    Maybe it sounds crazy first. But let me tell that people are scared of their dreams many times. They cannot share their dream with others because they think will laugh at them. But actually, you can break the barriers of fear if you start a habit of questioning. This habit will make you sensible and stronger, Stronger enough to get rid of fears. After that, you can make breakthroughs. And you can understand why and what are doing. What will the result of your hard work? After you have understand everything you will be able to fight against every fear. Let’s take all these easy and understandable formulas to make your life meaningful. You’re the best creature of nature and you need to prove it by pushing your fears away. And live a life of a legend that has respect.photo-1448932155749-638e51b56f03Written by:

Shoaib Rasheed

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