5 important lessons you can learn from your parents

Parents are the best gift of Mother Nature.  If you want to see an example of true and real love you will only find these beautiful feelings in the heart of parents.  In this modern world, parents are the only humans who love their children without any cause. They are so sweet and kind to their children even they can sacrifice their selves for their children. Therefore, if you still have them then please go ahead and make them happy. We will discuss here five important quality lessons which we can learn from parent’s world.


  1. How to stay hard?

You will never see parents are tired in front of their children. After having worked all the day when came back to the home they get fresh. They are so consistent and determined about life. Even after failures they never lose hope, in fact, they encourage their children at the same moment. They are so hard to the life. They are humans but when it comes to saving their children they are something beyond thoughts. Parents can defend their children like superhero till the last drop of blood.

You can learn how to never lose your hope. Its universal fact that your life will never going to be easy for you. In fact, it will produce hurdles. Sometimes it feels like everything went in vain. When you have such conditions the ideal way to deal with it is just act like your parents. You have to stay so hard to win the journey of life.worker

  1. How to sacrifice yourself for others?

It’s never easy to sacrifice your joys even for yourself. But parents are so great in this act they have a patience to sacrifice their dreams and life for their children. My mother is so beautiful, she never eats a single morsel till then all their children get full and amazingly I found this quality in every good mother. She will forget every sorrow when their children are happy. Therefore parents are an angel of help for their children.

No doubt there are many successful social workers in this world and they are working so hard to entertain deserving ones. But no one can sacrifice like parents in this world. If you want to become best and successful social personality then don’t go away and look at your parent’s sacrifices. Here I present you an example

“Every day before school, my mother would give me two paisa and say,’ spend one on you and give the other away,” Edhi remembers.”” It was her way of creating awareness in me of the need for social welfare.”

Abdul Sattar Edhimetlife-hong-kong-hed-2015


  1. How to believe in future?

If you think that you need to find a person who believes most in future then there is no any better example than parents. They are the blindest investors in the future. They invest all of their dreams on their children even they security of future but still they believe in it. Parents expect their future with their children.

To invest for something only force you need is believe. If you haven’t this you can’t invest. You can never take a risk if you cannot trust in future. But on the same time, you cannot get success without investment. So your success also demands this quality from you.

Remember this quote

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we have done something wonderful, that’s what matter to me.”

Steve Jobs


  1. What is the real meaning of success?

In above headings, I use word “Success” many times. But what is the success? If you want to look it from the sight of parents it can be defined. A single person with a lot of money and fame never considered a successful person. Parents believe in this statement. They believe that if they can make their children live easy and meaningful they are successful. Otherwise, there is no exception and no other meanings of success.

If you’re the person who played a positive role in your society and you facilitated every single of the people. You have the abundance of true followers around you because of your work then you’re successful. So if you want to be a successful person then focus on the change which can make rather than on money. Just redefine meanings of success and think like your parents.cs26726525

  1. How to remember your goal and loved ones?

A normal person needs a reminder of his duties but in the case of parents, it never happens. They always know their duties and they also know how to stick with it. Even with such a busy and tiring life they can manage to spare time for their loved ones. They are exceptionally good to maintain such beautiful qualities for entire life.

We always struggle to remember our goals and we do different practices for reminders.  I had seen many people out there who forget about their task. But the best way to remember your goals and duties is just working like parents. And it is the highest demand to become successful. You can make everything possible if you can learn these beautiful lessons from your parents. 2123872723-family_portrait_silohuet

Written by:

Shoaib Rasheed

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20 thoughts on “5 important lessons you can learn from your parents

  1. As a relatively new parent, this one hit me in the feels (which is like an emotional groin). It hit so close to home! I’d do anything for my little boy, which often includes acting fresh and full of energy (maybe it isn’t acting) after a long day, and having infinite patience when he’s crazy.

    It’s a funny (but logical) biological response, but I feel like I don’t have a choice. Being an unconditionally loving parent is something he did to me; when he was born, something inside of me got re-wired.

    Anyway, you tend to write really inspiring and heart-felt posts, and as a consummate sentimental and overly emotional guy, they are hard to read but necessary reminders of our humanity. Thanks, as always, for the post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well this is a nice antidote to all those toxic parents in the world! If you have parents like this then do cherish them. It must be marvellous. Maybe though the toxic parents make us grow even stronger than your perfect ones!

    Liked by 1 person

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