Three quotes for three days Challenge

Here is the final day of “Three quotes for three days challenge”. Guys how was that? Did you enjoyed and leaned lesson from these quotes?  I’m really looking for your feedback.

The quote of the day is

“I once cried because I had no shoes to play football with my friends, but one day I saw a man who had no feet, and I realized how rich I am.”

Zinedine Zidane

I love this quote that’s why I always believe that you should be grateful for everything you have.It’s the only formula which can make you happy and satisfied.


Written by:

Shoaib Rasheed



37 thoughts on “Three quotes for three days Challenge

  1. What a rich and inspiring quote to end your 3 day challenge. We absolutely need to remind ourselves daily what wonderful things we have in our lives and never to take them for granted! Thank you x

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  2. never let the facts ruin a good story…me the best defense is a good offense you know who said that? mel the cook on alice! – the frantics I like the quote and being good to attempt happiness within what I have because I have more than another is not how i do it – for instance, I want another romantically who recently got set up by other friends to a blind date which i had to endure being told of- on paper he’s a well to do I’m a chump by comparison prospect — shh. yet he shows up moons about her home and remember she never invited him ever nor once gave an address nor is hers easily researched and yet he’s there and he. doesn’t sparkle – i know sometimes it’s a blessing others fail but by default is not my approach to winning nor is it at all costs…it’s upon MY merit… such is happiness- not because i have glasses while being blind that in disrepair are better than the person shoved in a home for life when i have glasses and freedo I should be happy or at least humble and grateful. so my quotes back say I rebel of yours as it steal my power from my perspective to ever think this way I should be grateful and happy as others aren’t so lucky as I…bah! i should be happy because i am. I should be happily myself. — however thank you for returning to my sight again. bless you. you make my day – hopefully you’ll forgive that this is more for to show you I return the favor even if yuck lame-o quote dude!

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  3. Shoaib thank you so much for sharing the lovely nuggets. Sometimes only when we see another’s lack do we see how much we are blessed, we should not take anything we have for granted.
    Thank you for creating an awareness, may it also instil in us a zeal to reach out to those in need whenever we are able to. God bless you.

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  4. The shoes quote is a good one. I CONSTANTLY need reminders of how lucky I am and of how much I take for granted. If you want to hear (one of) my (many) version(s) of hell, listen to “The Band Played Waltzing Matilda.” Every time I hear it, and the way that the singer enunciates each syllable, I try to imagine how hellish it would be to lose my legs. For me, it would be a fate worse than death.
    Be grateful today!

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  5. Great quote. But can’t we feel generous towards others who may have more than us ? After all we must have something else , if nothing else we can still have generosity …..Envy is not a natural emotion every social animal must have. Generosity is…..

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  6. Wonderful quote, love it! We all need reminders on being grateful for all the amazing things we have. Even things we never normally notice, like the ability to breathe properly (you may realize this when you have flu n your nose is blocked).
    And Zidane’s one of my favorite players (even if he’s retired)! We actually named our cousin after him.

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