First Liebster Award


Thank you so much Purple butter fly for awarding me LIEBSTER Award. It’s immense pleasure after looking such an encouragement from you guys. Thank you each and everyone for visiting, following and liking my blog. I found everyone creative and supportive through out my journey as Muraadnama. Thanks again.

Written by:

Shoaib Rasheed


85 thoughts on “First Liebster Award

      1. Again, certainly, yet again how many times this Charly the Priest has said “the last one”….. quite some times, so yes sir, this even be might last drink, depends on tomorrow wich is a whole other story, but i do have to think about my family and not screw them up with my fucked up things I do. Yet, my writing is pretty good so that is something I am quite proud in the whole totality of things,
        are you my shrink? No, so…. I´ll make you my shrink you like it not

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      2. just type them out then,
        it is….I forgot what I send you but point being
        now there is no point there is only a dark hole,
        in my brain, not my fault i forget things on a constant basis, i actually forgot my birthday this year if you can believe that
        by the way how is Pakistan like?


      3. Pakistan is very beautiful country. Pakistan has beautiful landscape from snow-covered Himalayas to the desert of Thar.
        It’s normal to forget things, specially when you have a lot of things to work so no worries.


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