5 precious things you cannot buy with money


  1. Time:

Everyone should be aware of importance of the “Time”. Time never stops for anyone whether he/she is poor or rich. A successful person never wastes a single minute even a second. They know how to utilize their every single second. When it comes to non-successful class, they are lazy because they have no idea how to make their time worthwhile. This class of the people suffers in their whole life and they die with the regrets.  You currently have a time don’t waste it. Again I want to mention Steve Jobs quote” My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time”.

Therefore key to success is realizing how much important it is. The day when you realized this then you will be unstoppable. But remember that you cannot buy time even you have wealth of the whole world.blog_dont_waste_time-jpg-900x354

  1. Moments you spent with your loved ones:

Yes, the happiness in the moments you spent with your loved ones is the most precious thing. Don’t forget that you will not be considered a successful person till then you are not successful in relations. The love and courage you will get from them will not come from anywhere. When there is a moment in which you have lost all of your important things let say money. You will be completely disheartened and you need someone to give you a kind hand. This needed courage always comes from your loved ones. They never demand any money to do this. In fact it’s a disrespect of these kinds of relations if you relate them with money. Your parents and your siblings always demand your time and your love. Imagine a person with billions of dollars but he is alone. How can you say that he is a successful person? In fact I would like to say he is the most unlucky person of the world. But a person with just enough money but he has a lot people around. He is the lucky guy. Therefore you cannot buy these moments with you wealth.mommy-and-daddy-kissing-baby

  1. Happiness by helping others:

When you can bring a smile on sad face, you can give a meal to a hungry person and you can protect anyone from intense weather in return you will get beautiful and most precious smile from them. You will get most valuable prayers which can make your life more perfect.  This habit can make this world peaceful like Eden. You have achieved a lot of milestones and now you’re a very rich person. Let me ask one question, Are you happy? You know what the true answer is no. But if you like to share this money or all other things which you have but others not then you will be happy person. Materialistically all above explained feelings have no place in our life. But always remember that you’re a human not a machine. You have feelings, you need to rest, you need love and you need attention. By following all above explained factors you can become a successful person.


  1. Respect:

It’s a valid and strong point to address my subject. No one wants to spend a life without respect.  You can become a respectable person by doing right things at right time. But actually it has no link with the money. If you’re powerful and a rich person and you think that people pays respect to you then believe me it’s not a respect actually it’s a fear or a need which constrain people to be respectful with you. I’m not saying that all rich and powerful people in the world have no respect. I just want to apprise people about the fact that respect is not related with wealth or power. If you are kind and you have believe in equality than you will be remembered as a respectable personality. If you gave respect others you will get respect in return. I want to close this topic with the quote of Mahatma Gandhi “It’s always been a mystery to me how people can respect themselves when humiliate other humans.”como-ganar-respeto-8-maneras-para-inspirar-mas-de-el-en-el-trabajo-mainphoto

  1. Spiritual Satisfaction:

If you are looking for real comfortable and happy life then you need internal satisfaction. Now question is how can you get it? There are many ways to achieve this state but one thing is sure that it doesn’t come with money. If you work hard as much as much as you can, if you do not spoil others life, if you share your things with others, if you pray as required, if you’re positive person etc. all these activities will satisfy you internally. Then you do not need any pills for sleep. You will be a respectable and happy person if you apply all above points in your life. After applying all these advice in your life, you will become a successful person. At the end of your life you will be free from any shame or regrets. Last quote of the day

“The amount of satisfaction you get from life depends largely on your own ingenuity, self-sufficiency and resourcefulness. People who wait around for life to supply their satisfaction usually find boredom instead.”

William Claire Menninger    spirituality-and-religion

Written by:

Shoaib Rasheed

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107 thoughts on “5 precious things you cannot buy with money

  1. One of my philosophies is that time is the most valuable currency in life. Time can buy you anything you aspire to have if you want it badly enough. I think it links in perfectly with the other four things you mentioned. A great, thought-provoking blog 👍


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