5 things you will learn from children

Everyone wants the life like in childhood.  Because in childhood you were free of all the tensions. But I found kids more creative and better human as well then their elders.Children are unpredictable and unbelievably amazing.Here are few lessons which you can learn from children.


  1. They have no long lasting conflicts:

Kid’s best things are they have no conflicts with each other.  May you have seen that they are fighting? But after few minutes they will play together.  They have no opponents so that’s why they are happy with each other.  Their life is simple; they have no plans to attack any other person. You can learn love from the children not how to quarrel. But conflicts in elder’s life make it worst. In the elder’s world there are opponents, where you try to make others shameful. This hatred makes our lives painful and charmless. Therefore act like kids and try to remove the conflicts with each other. Believe me your life will become more joyful and beautiful after that act.quote-where-there-is-no-conflict-there-is-no-fault-laozi-74-22-66

  1. How you learn from others:

Children life is full of adventures and discoveries.  They always search new ways to make their life more joyful. Whenever they see anything new and different they will become crazy about that. They will find out every aspect of new discovery. Kids are very quick learners. But question is how? Kids never get bored they will enjoy learning about new things. They are hungry to know about every different aspect of this thing. When it comes to our world then story is totally different. Most of us feel bored when we are attending the lectures. We have a lot of stories to think about during lecture. We are not that much crazy to know about these new things. That’s why we are learning less. We need to see how children learn new things and also need to adopt them.


  1. They can share things:

I know you’re thinking that we can also share things with each other. But children can share all of their stuff with each other. They are emotionally attached with each other. Therefore they always care about others. You will see that they have no stress or anything like that when they share. Elders have this trend as well but very rare. You will learn this beautiful act from children.1456256051924

  1. How to stay positive:

Children have positive character. They are not racist, so they can play with each other without any discrimination. They have no idea how betray others or emotionally blackmail others. They are not disappointed nor bored. With these special qualities children are most amazing human. If you observe them you will come to the conclusion that they are much better than us. They are happy and calm because they have no regrets. I would like to say that though children are small but they have big and kind heart. If we apply this quality of kids then our world will become peaceful and beautiful.checker

  1. How to admit your faults:

Here is something very special about kids. They have no ego; therefore they feel easy to accept the mistakes. After accepting your mistake you should not be ashamed.  You are great person if you can accept your errors. You can learn from your mistakes after realizing that you were wrong. As children’s are very good at this, therefore they can learn better than us. But those who do not accept their mistakes will keep doing these mistakes in their lives. Therefore by denying from your mistakes you suffer more. If you want to stop this sequence of mistakes then you have to accept your mistakes. At the end of the day you will be successful person.mistakes-scaled1000

Written by:

Shoaib Rasheed

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60 thoughts on “5 things you will learn from children

  1. A lot of very valid and true points here. Children simply love life and everything around them seems wonderful. Their eagerness to learn is a delight and, as you say, they rarely have lasting conflicts or hold grudges. Yes, all adults could take a few lessons on life from the young. An interesting and thought-provoking post.

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  2. I prefer not to think of children as blank slates… rather as little people with their own identity and unique view of the world. A view that is not fixed–is so open to learning, to change and to growth. (As long as we adults don’t put the kibosh on it all as in “be careful”… “don’t”… “watch out for….”

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  3. You are never freer than when you’re a child. As you stated, hatred is learned the older you get. As is jealousy, nastiness and bitterness. And it’s only adults teaching children all of these things. We should be taking our cue from them, not the other way around. Human consciousness is simultaneously our greatest gift and our greatest curse

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  4. Like this a lot. I will say that my six year old wouldn’t admit any fault or blame so I think there are some exceptions and this may be based on personality/genetics. I also think we have damaged children’s curiosity with video games etc which become a morphine like addiction and overpower other interests.

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  5. Not necessarily all true.
    Children are very much imprintable. They learn through observation so if they’ve been taught incorrectly or grown up with a poor excuse for parents, they can pick up all the behavioural faults of their role models – which can include grudges, and a spoilt selfishness that impacts their ability to share or to learn.

    When taught correctly children are probably the best of role models, but if that’s the case, you probably have very little to learn if you’re in proximity to a child like that.

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  6. I was high school history teacher 33 years Miami, Florida, USA. I found teenagers have a remarkable sense of right and wrong and especially of fairness, much more than adults would credit.Thanks for your recent visit to my blog. .

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