5 habits can make you successful


  1. Learn& understand others:

If you want inspirations then best way to get inspired is learning. You have to read and watch others. This activity will make you more precise and effective. You can understand the standards of the current era. You have to clear your thoughts and goals, so you can move forward. To get rid of this confusion you have to understand the procedure, again you need knowledge. You cannot excel in any field of the life without knowledge. You need guidance at every stage of your life, so you have to follow the footsteps of the greats. Therefore make a habit of reading books and then apply all this stuff in your life, so you can understand nuances of the time. By applying all those things in your life you will be sure about the result. Then you will be able to show right path to others. If you want to become a successful person then don’t waste your time and adopt this beautiful habit for your entire life.dfox-post

  1. Share your favorite things with others:

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”

Muhammad Ali

Normally we are very good with others. But when it comes to sharing best beloved things, we are so limited. Sharing with others makes your heart bigger; so you can handle so many things in your life. This habit can make you happier than ever. Suppose there is hungry child sitting on the bank of road and you have food. Believe me if you will share it with him, that will be the most emotional but happiest moment of your life. There are people around who cannot buy clothes; they have no shelter to save their selves from intense weathers. So let’s start to help them, and serve you for others. At the end of the day you learn a lot of things which lead you to success. Remember that if you’re happy and satisfied then actually you’re successful.serve yourself

  1. Don’t be judgmental:

“Don’t be so quick to point out flaws in other people’s lives when you’re not willing to look at the flaws in your own.”

If you always trying to criticize others. And you are busy to find out faults in people, in system and other things. Then trust me you are most unsuccessful and undesirable person. There are many people in our society who believe they are doing good job by identify others faults. But reality is totally opposite. Actually they want to discourage everyone because they have no courage to do something better. This kind of character is unwanted in line of success. Amazing thing about this kind of people is they think they are perfect. Do not waste your time and health in these kinds of negative activities. If you are really looking for success then make yourself a helpful personality for everyone. Become a positive character and just focus on your roll. This will be very helpful for you.scales-of-judgement

  1. Give importance to everyone:

“Happiness… consists in giving, and in serving other.”

Henry Drummond

There is no one in your life purposeless or you can say unimportant. Everyone has some role either positive or negative. Despite of everything you will learn something. But don’t be uncooperative or rude to anyone. It’s common trend that when someone has good money he becomes arrogant which is definitely not good. In this state they treat people like animals. But you know what life is full of twists. May it’s your but tomorrow will be someone else day. Therefore a person who did right things in past will be fearless. But in other case situation would be different and worst. You have no idea that who can make your goal approachable. Possibly there is a person who has to play this role. In sad and rough moments of life you need someone who can encourage you. But if your past was terrible as explained above then you have no one to support. At the end of the day your success depends on your own.give importance others

  1. Spend goal oriented life:

If you are bored, you are losing interest in your work and have no excitement then your life is not goal oriented. You’re spending aimless and mission less life. When someone has goal or a dream, then he/she will try day and night to achieve their goal. This goal oriented life will never make you bored. In fact this kind of life will make happier and more satisfied. Find out yourself or create yourself to reach your destination. Goal oriented life makes you strong and powerful. You can take your decision on your own. There is no remorse in your life anymore. You personality will glow more and you will be able to demonstrate your success to others. Here comes the stage when you will be a complete successful person after adopting all above habits. I’m leaving you with this beautiful of Muhammad Ali

“Champions aren’t made in the GYMS. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them-A desire, a vision.”

Muhammad Alitouchdown

Written by:

Shoaib Raheed

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33 thoughts on “5 habits can make you successful

  1. So very true all words but when the important thing money is missing and you have dreams, there seems no way the dreams can come true… Not been negative because I am positive guy but still answers need to be known.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Money is no doubt very important. You just need to understand the balance between everything.
      Actually successful means you’re satisfied in every way. If you’re short of anything then believe me you will be unhappy. I will write more about it in upcoming blogs …… where I can clear all your questions.
      But here I’m giving you a trick to be satisfied internally
      I just want to make you rich internally…… because it can everything possible, make yourself enable to handle everything. Because there are many in this who have money but they are not able to make possible their desires.


      1. very easy to understand this brother…I know we need balance between everything as many of us do…thing is when you have apssion but you don’t even get food to eat,water to drink,shelther on you where do you go….Indian I am and you must know how much an ordinary less educated guy can earn ….I know smart work but that is after you make money….for now 140$ needed per month expense and this is maximum I can earn working 13-14 hours daily for 30 days and then how do I see my passion alive ,how do I make dreams true…..Don’t want to kill them but how can keep them alive.


  2. Such good words. I once heard a story of a man who applied to work in one of the highest levels of the secret service.
    He was discouraged as he didn’t hear back after a few months . One day he got a call from an old college buddy who said ” wow man you are applying for the big show”- he didn’t understand how the man even knew he had applied for the job.
    Weeks later he was hired . He asked the supervisor why they never contacted him after his first interview. The man told him they weren’t interested in what he told them. They wanted to meet the circle he hung with. That’s how they measured what type of person he was. Makes you think..

    Liked by 1 person

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