5 ways to increase your IQ level


  1. Solve puzzling questions

No doubt this is the most interesting way to increase your IQ. Those who are regular at this never face any problem regarding brilliance of their brain. There are many analytical questions available on the internet. You can search with the title of “Blood relation test”, “Mathematical puzzle” or “common sense test” questions. Search out this type of questions and try to solve 5-10 questions daily. You will feel a significant improvement with in ten to fifteen days. This habit will help you to improve your reading stamina. You will stay active and energetic throughout the day if you keep doing this in the morning. So don’t wait start it from today, if you want to become an extraordinary person of your society.questions-of-quantitative-aptitude-tests-for-competitive-examinations-46-728

  1. Put pressure on your brain:

“Heart in champions has to do with the depth of our motivation and how well your mind and body react to pressure-that is, being able to do what you best under maximum pain and stress.”

Bill Russell

I know you have a question, how this going to work? Let me explain this, there is a situation in which you have no risk or no issue. You will stay calm and in this position your brain will stay similar. But when you a pressure situation your mind will work actively. You will feel disturbance in your brain, all the new ideas and great solutions did appear in this situation. You need to create such circumstances regularly in your life. This will enhance your intellectual capabilities. You can diversify your thoughts by this procedure.dazed

  1. Compete with highly intelligent people:

It’s not an easy job, because initially you will not be able to win from highly intelligent people. This will take time. But for sure you will become as good as they are at some stage. You need to work really hard to achieve this level. If you are an addict of laziness then you need to change your pattern of life.  This may cause embarrassment for you in front of them. You should be very active and strong, if you want to act like them. Make a schedule and meet with better people in circle and try to compete with them.


  1. Explore new places in the world:

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

Susan Sontag

This is another important exercise to get your goal. It’s very difficult to think about which you haven’t seen in your entire life. You haven’t seen high peaks probably you cannot imagine how does it look in real. You have not tasted any dish you cannot say anything about it. If you haven’t able to study history of world, you will not be able to understand politics and other scenarios happening around the world. Therefore imagining about anything you haven’t seen yet ever is not a fine case. When you have a lot of knowledge your intellectual level will increase. This lifestyle will bring revolution in your life and will make better and charming personality. Yes, it helps to enhance your intellectual quotient.viajes-century-travel-agency-tuberculata-jellyfish-tiger-mosquito-stink-bug-2-ibelieveinadv.jpeg

  1. Start writing:

No doubt it’s a very cool thing to be a writer. If you did explore the world than it’s time to polish your abilities more. Writing is an art to summarize your thoughts in a regular manner. You need to stay precise and gather enough information so you can defend your topic. It would be magical, if you want to upgrade your standards. As well as it will be source to make you an intelligent person. Reading is most important requirement to fulfill this need. So start this from right now, and make your life easier and become the legend of future. And take this quote into your consideration

“You can anything by writing.”

C.S. Lewiswriting

Written by

Shoaib Rasheed

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40 thoughts on “5 ways to increase your IQ level

      1. I haven’t found any app yet. But there are number of videos and websites, you can go there and check out your IQ level.
        I can help in this regard also.


  1. Interesting. I am writing a book – first draft done. Also two blogs and a newsletter and I write many letters – long letters to various inmates. The book is about an inmate, Jamie. You can find him on my blog. When we started writing letters, his ability needed a lot of work. Not only on spelling and grammar, and sentence structure, but the ability to put his thoughts together. Our letters have spanned 9 years now and there has been remarkable improvement in all these areas. I have also bought him hundreds of books and magazine subscriptions to intelligent magazines, like Discover, Smithsonian, National Geographic and Harpers. I have watched him grow tremendously. And inmate stole his deskset – dictionary, thesaurus and grammar book. When he entered the test IQ level. He didn’t care and mostly blew it off and got a score of 79. His IQ is not 79. But if you read prison statistics they say the average inmate has a low score like that – but it is because most don’t even have a GED. He had a book to study, but the property manager at the prison he is in now took it away from him along with other ‘not for pleasure reading’ books, like she didn’t want him to better himself.

    Your post gave me the idea to print out questions like the one about who is taller, to stretch his mind. Excellent post.

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    1. Amazing and realistic story. I should say that such kind of people are very mean. But you should save him from such kind of people. IQ test can increase your IQ if you practice these questions regularly.
      Thank you so much for this encouragement

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  2. The GRE used to have a logic section. It was full of puzzles, comparisons, CLOSE exercises, and was a holiday for me when I took it. Now they do a writing sample instead. While the writing sample is essential, I think the test lost some of its ability to analyze growth potential when they got rid of the logic section.

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  3. Well I finally figured out it was R but it took me awhile and I’m not sure that I didn’t unconsciously peek. All of these seem like perfect ideas and for the most part, I’m already doing them….well to some extent.

    Thanx for the nudges.


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  4. Very useful post. Many of these like travel and associating with intelligent people I do anyway. But I haven’t thought of solving online puzzles and in fact given that my primary fear in life is dementia I need to look into all the possible ways to keep my brain alert and healthy.

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