5 ways to make yourself mentally strong


  1. Play great ventures in your life:

Yeh! I know you’re thinking how that is possible. Let me explain, normally we are afraid of loss, for example you are going to invest your money in any business, there are always two possibilities you will drown or you will be shining star of the future. But initially you have to be very strong to face any kind of situation. It does not matter what happens next. At the end of the day you will find a positive change in yourself. Therefore, till then you will not try such adventures in your life, you will not be able to in-list yourself in strong people.


  1. Spend Independent life:

“Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better”

Albert Camus

This is the most common characteristic of the strongest people of the world. Because, when you depend on somebody, you will be safe from any hurdle of the life behind the shadow of your loved ones. Therefore get out of your secure zone and face the tragedies directly. Find out solution of every problem by yourself, initially you might feel you are wrong. But with the passage of time your decisions will make you a perfect and strong man. Because some days you just have to create your own Sunshine.


  1. Act positive:

Be great in Act, as you have been in thought,

William Shakespeare.

Life is a combination of happiness and sadness. There is no one out there who spent a life like an ever green tree. Even World’s richest person faced hurdles in life. Everybody have a reaction when something bad happened in their lives. Now question is how to react when you have same condition? Answer is act positive, and move forward. Life never stops anywhere for anyone. Steve jobs life is an example, he faced tragedies from childhood. But you can see how he learned from his life. You need to think, everything happening around is for good sake. May be at the moment it looks like nothing happening in your favor but time will prove it.


  1. Don’t be emotional be logical:

Very well said by Zig Ziglar:

“People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.”

You know what; this whole world is based on logics not emotions. All rules of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology etc. are based on logic. Emotional person have a lot of attachments which makes him weaker that’s why he can never think like a realistic person. To explain above I would like to take an example, If a person betrays you and he was very closed to you, now if you’re logical person you will forget him and move forward, but on the other side if you’re emotional you will get depressed and you may stop there as if he can back to you. And amazing thing is emotional people will talk about him abusively. Therefore, you need to understand if you are logical you will keep moving, but in other case you will not. If you want strong internally you need to be logical not emotional.


  1. Compete with high profile people:

If you want to lose a game, no effort required for this. But if you want to win a game you have to work hard and fight with the most competent people. You need to take pain to check your abilities. But weak people normally away from the stage, they always try to find a space at the end the class, which makes them un-prominent and unimportant. World always follows them, who are strong in there beliefs. If you want to make yourself strong, then you have to compete with bests of the world. It doesn’t matter what will be result. But at the end you will be the winner if you keep trying.





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