Joseph Carey Merrick (Real Elephant Man)


Joseph Merrick was born on August 5, 1862, in Leicester city, England. By birth he was normal child as like others. But at the age of 5 years physical deformities started to appear in his body. At the age of 17 this disorder become severe, that’s why he was forced to become a resident of workhouse (a place where those unable to support themselves were offered accommodation and employment). His medical condition was weird and rare. Due to his physical condition he named as “The Elephant Man”.


 He was rejected by his father and stepmother and he left school at the age of 13 years, because he was not able to find any source to earn money. His mother died when he was 11 years old. He joined Sam Torr (a musician and comedian) by exhibiting his physical appearance. But it was profitless for him because he was by his road manager.

But Doctor Fredrick Treves, a friend of Merrick and a doctor at London hospital diagnosed him in detail.  But he found that his physical condition get worsen during last few years.  Due to deformities he was not able to speak. Treves observed that Merrick has problem of heart, a condition in which may he lives a few years more.The-Elephant-Man-Movie-Still-the-elephant-man-11130936-800-362 On April 11, 1890, Merrick was found dead in London Hospital when he was 27 years old. Treves had plaster casts made of his body and pre-served his skeleton, which has kept in London Hospital for permanent display.ello-34774d79-e712-42cd-b17f-f37e0c0ea57c.png Pop singer Michael Jackson Once tried to purchase Merrick bones but was refused by the Management of London Hospital.


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