Gooty sapphire (Unbelievable rare species)


It has many common names such as Poecilotheria Metallica, gooty sapphire, gooty sapphire ornamental tree spider and gooty truant. Gooty sapphire was discovered in an Indian town known as gooty located in Andhra Pradesh. It is rarely found specie. Due to deforestation and illegal purloin it is getting very rare now.  After 102 years it was found in 2001 at Nandyal and Giddalur, India. It has reflection of brilliant metallic blue color.


Like other spiders, it is not dangerous. It likes to attack and eat other insects which are smaller in size. But it can damage you if there is resistance. And it does have venom, which can damage your body. But there has never been a recorded human death by the bite of gooty sapphire. They normally stay in the holes of large size trees. They have fast growing rate, naturally a mature gooty sapphire ornamental tree spider have a leg span of 6-8 inches.


If you collect many gem than you can compare with the beauty of this spider. Female gooty sapphires may live up to 12 years while male sapphires live only fourth or third of the female age.  There is a need to stop illegal hunting of this beautiful creature.



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