Amou Haji (The man with earth like skin)


Amou haji’s home is in Dejgah village situated in the southern province of Fars in Iran. He is living in this desert alone for 6 decades. He said that “he had no bath during last 60 years”. He had bath last time in 1954 when Elvis Presley just launching rock’n’ roll and CIE was still using steam engines to pull its trains. He also said that” Once a group of young people offered to give him a shower- but he escaped”. He had amazing believe that washing his body will get him sick. That’s why he stayed away from bathing during such a huge period. But it doesn’t mean that Mr. Haji don’t look after his self.  He uses car mirrors for grooming and when he needs haircut, he simply burns his lock in a fire. That’s why his skin becomes just like earth surrounding him and locals said that if he doesn’t move, he will looks like rocks.527b8f57-a1e6-498b-ac97-3b156e19c6cc

For the sake of living he drinks daily five liter of water from rusty oil can. He eats dead porcupines. His most valuable asset seems to be three inch steel pipe which he uses to smoke animal muck with.amou-haji-pipe

As for clothing, he wears rags and, in the winter, he has war helmet to fight with cold.muzhchina-ne-mylsya-60-let_4.jpeg

He may have the title of “world’s dirtiest man” because previous record holder for not bathing was 66 years old man Kailash Singh, who saved him from bathing for 38 years. But Haji adopted this way of life because he had emotional setbacks when he was young.


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