Murder Capital of the World


Honduras is a country located in Central America. San Pedro Sula is the city of Honduras located in northwest corner of the country, in the Sula valley.  Caribbean Sea is located at a distance of 100 kilometer in north. Estimated Population under the control of main municipality is 1 million, while 1.4 million people are living in metro area.

San Pedro Sula was also known as “murder capital of the world”. In 2013, it has highest homicide in the world – 187 per 100,000 people. And in 2014, the murder rate was a mind-numbing 171 deaths per 100,000 people. That’s why it is one of world’s most violent areas. Normally 3 murders per day is average. Gangs are so active there to run the businesses of illegal drug trade and arms trafficking. Therefore, No wonder there are so many murders in a city with so much firearms. To put it into perspective, you know a city is dangerous when issues like political instability, poverty, and corruption are considered to be minor problems (relatively speaking).


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